“Incompatible Shapes” is what you get when you combine a cosy beat with authentic spoken word inspired bars.  Alden Groves’ unique style of production, poetic abilities and touching vocals come together in a well-balanced dynamic whole.

The song is about connection, detachment, and the endless cycle of finding what you want and losing it, known in Buddhism as ‘samsara’. Groves deconstructs the feelings of shame that surround a breakup through esoteric lyricism and a dark yet optimistic worldview.

The track is part of their latest album, called The Comfortable Dark. The LP is a massive entity, which consists of 22 songs. Despite its versatility and the mixture of influences, the album doesn’t lack coherence, as the tracks are united by Grove’s unique approach and ability to express complex feelings via his compositions. The artist has developed his own signature sound – both instrumentally and vocally, which perfectly fits the album’s main theme while offering a wide range of sonic and lyrical interpretations.

If you dig the sound of Portishead, The Weeknd, Grandson and The Neighbourhood you might want to check the whole album out: