That day has come! Happy to premiere Litche’s brand new 5-track EP.

Something, that’s going to be a must-listen to any Bonobo, Tycho, or Four Tet fans out there. Imagine their music with vocals.

I had the pleasure of featuring EP’s first single “Colour of You” which featured the voice of a mysterious Newcastle artist who goes by the name Anna back in June. Today we’re going all in Some Songs For Someone, Somewhere.

Some Songs for Someone, Somewhere is a collection of songs that I’ve made over the last couple of years. To me these songs kind of sit in this world of their own which I like, and they are not intended for only one type of mood, place,or person. I feel like I’ve left any message or meaning in lyrics to be open-ended enough for people to be able to interpret them freely, wherever they find themselves listening.

I have been experimenting with my production over the past couple of years,using constraint more and more as a means of generating ideas, asymmetrical song structures, samples, and effects that you often only hear once and recording parts in live rather than programming. It’s also been great to see the songs take on different shapes and layers of story through collaborating with vocalists.These songs are some of my favourite that I’ve made to date and I’m really excited to be able to finally share them.“, shares Litche.

A truly exquisite sonic experience. While I chose “If You Were Here At My Fingertips”, don’t fool yourself – the whole collection is an absolute masterpiece.