I hope you’re ready for some hearty alternative r&b. The track is packed with lush melodies and grooves, entangled in rhythmic percussion – creating a fully fleshed-out sound experience.

“iClout” is part of RIMON’s latest EP Digital Tears, which blends hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz and r&b. The project offers insight into the troublesome dynamic between humans and technology, with a particular focus on our relationship with social media and phones. The Ethiopian/Eritrea-born, Amsterdam raised singer elaborates:

It’s not a protest. It’s not meant to be a lesson. It’s a look in the mirror. A reflection of a generation. Touching on multiple aspects of our current semi-digital lives.

With each song connecting the storyline, “iClout” reveals something all too familiar and tackles the juxtaposition of keeping up appearances on social media whilst feeling alone and unhappy behind the screen.

The track is filled with food for thought and emotion, stemming from RIMON’s soulful vocals, not to mention EarthGang’s brilliant contribution to the sonic panorama.

Feel free to check the rest of this interesting project below: