It’s hard to say no when someone opens a submission with “Do you miss the sounds of classic Daft Punk and 90s French House?”. If your answer to this question is like mine, then today’s premiere is going to make you happy.

Excited to share with the world Boogietraxx’s new power groove titled “I Feel Love” which is a must-add to any funky summer playlist you’ve got going on. The US-based producer a gateway into the world of dance music for those who still appreciate the rhythm of old-school funk. Boogietraxx and co-producer Street Player have teamed up to provide a danceable track that fits just in time for the vibes of late summer that is being released on Tensnake’s label True Romance.

What I love the most about “I Feel Love”, besides the overall happiness pouring out of it, are the masterfully chopped vocals and elements that absolutely enhance the kick and the eagerness to tear that dancefloor right now!