If you ever wondered what infusing the two specters of modern beat-based music i.e. glitchy IDM and 90s inspired hip-hop would sound like, look no further. With “How Far to What” Colorado-based music producer DMVU offers a stunning sonic experience that will fill that aforementioned genre void for you.

The track ignites that old-school-esque groove aesthetic, throwing it into a sea of hypnotic and melancholic waves of progressive downtempo electronica. A wondrous explosion of vibrant sonic textures enriched with soulful and emotive vocal chops, DMVU’s piece is a true bliss to the ear.

“How Far To What” is part of Season Two – a compilation album by Loci Records, which proves a contemporary look at where downtempo stands today by showcasing some tasteful sounds in instrumental hip-hop, lo-fi, ambient IDM, left-field electronica, and many more!