4 months late to the party, but it’s a great track so… why not feature?

Actually, while I’ve been listening to Solomun for a while, this is the first time his name pops in our feed. The Bosnian-German artist is quite a prolific name when it comes to this kind of sound, so a huge influence on my taste since I discovered him a few years ago. Blending deep and progressive house, the track is heavily charged by the tribal elements and the bassline that takes so much space (in a very good way). He shares,

In every place, music can find a home. But in order to really experience music, you have to actually go to the rooms that were specially designed for it. In those sacred rooms, music can actually get to people. And the desire for it has never been greater. The desire to feel it, experience it, hear it, to share it with people. “Home” reminds us of these moments. Of the things we miss.