Friday’s morning chill, sunshine and soulful vibes. Say hi to Kymara and Bobbie Johnson’s lush track “Home”.

The harmonizing and soulful melodic vocals of the Dutch singer are a perfect match to the rapping verse of the British artist who we featured last year. The collaboration marks the first step of Kymara’s journey on Brighton-based independent label QM Records. Kymara‘s father sadly passed away in 2001 and he too was a songwriter. It was his lyrics that provided her with the creative spark to create this track all these years later, when her mother managed to retrieve them.

The talented singer shares: 

“I got most of the lyrics from my dad after my mum gave them to me a couple of years ago. I read one of his songs and one line that stuck with me was ‘trees turn into gold” which then inspired me to write ‘Home’. The song is about me leaving my home country in the Netherlands and even though I may not be near my family and some of my friends, I have still been able to feel safe and content here in Brighton, England. I sent the instrumental version to Bobbie and she was really excited by it, so she began writing. She connected to the story which made it a very easy and a natural collaboration.”