SALOMEA‘s latest offering is a delicate jazzy concoction with experimental flavour.

This time the German/US-American singer, songwriter and composer, together with her brilliant band, takes us on a refreshing journey. The gorgeous instrumentation, which features live played strings, besides the keys and bass, provides a captivating organic warm character to the piece. This time Salomea went for spoken word, contrasting the gentle vocal of the chorus.

Laid-back but still driving, “Holiday Season” is an intimate sonic monologue, triggering in many ways. Here’s what she shares regarding the song:

We are digital civilians. Somewhere between reflection, comedy and hyperarousal. Shaped, inspired, seduced, manipulated by floods of data – of information – in real-time. A constant and proven overload for the human brain. Simultaneously toxic and wholesome. Inconsistent and bewildering. At times, grotesque and enlightening. Always ambiguous. “Holiday Season” is a collage full of details and surprises – a stroll through the feeds of our time.