A fresh hip hop tune, “Hold Me Down” is a self-empowering anthem by US artist She-Rōze.

The track is her debut single, preceding her upcoming album, due this February. With its chilled jazzy instrumental, the song carries a relaxing atmosphere, enriched by She-Rōze’s silky vocals.

“Hold Me Down” reflects the deep internal struggle we face as we confront our experiences of oppression or a sense of being unseen, undervalued or underestimated. The pain and rage are palpable and universally familiar, but in the end her message is clear: we must find a way to heal and move forward. She-Rōze shares:

We all have more than our fair share of dark experiences and trauma, but in the end, if we want our personal situations to change, or this world to change, we have to take action. And it all starts with the decision to make a choice – to advocate for ourselves and to walk away from toxic situations if needed. Doing nothing or running away from an obstacle is never an option for me. I’ll live or die trying.

She-Rōze’s debut album We Rise is dedicated to women everywhere but especially those in the hip hop and breakin’ community. It reflects her personal filter on themes of their shared experiences based on her own. I’m very excited to hear what else she has for us and glad to discover and share with you yet another talented and inspiring female hip hop artist!