Ready for some more sexy neo-soul grooves? London-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Geo Jordan is back at it again! As soon as I saw his name appear under new releases I immediately remembered “Let Go” – his previous feature on our website, which has been on repeat ever since!

Now the whole sophomore EP Technicolour is out in its full glory! With the status of Geo’s most open body of work to date, it represents introspection, bringing into focus his journey as a trans artist. Futuristic production blends with soulful and heartfelt vocal lines, wrapped into soft reverb clouds on the opener “Hide”, which portrays Geo at his most honest and vulnerable. The track doesn’t end there though – it’s packed with inserting and seemingly hidden elements at first glance, like the warm bassline and the wide harmonies, making the piece so incredibly diverse.

“The EP is documenting a feeling of moving from a dark place, digging deep and into opening up to new experiences both amazing and otherworldly, and not so fun… Eventually landing in a place where I’m open enough to accept the highest love internally and externally, and eventually finding it. The best way I can visually describe it is that it feels like stepping from black and white into a rainbow in the middle of a prism.”

A record propelled by self-realisation and deep contemplation, Technicolour lends itself as a sonic snapshot of Geo Jordan as an artist and a human being. After checking out the immensely captivating and well-produced music video below, go and stream the full Technicolour EP, available everywhere now!