Like ODESZA meeting Slow Magic, but wrapped with a layer of dub. Say hi to Mfinity’s new single “Here” taken from his upcoming EP via High Vibe Records.

The DC-based producer blends elements typical to future bass with ambient and cinematic build-ups and organic electronica. The result is staggering and nothing short than instant goosebumps. I love how carefully the whole track belts out and how it keeps this feeling of peacefulness throughout the whole track. It feels like the kind o track to play while exiting thick jungle hike and finding yourself on the edge of a cliff. It really reminds me of a place in Bali I once visited. Nick shares,

This track focused on conveying more emotion compared to my other releases. I feel like with every track I create I am learning more and more, whether it be mix-wise or different writing techniques. I was inspired to write this track after learning a lot about myself this year and realizing that life is so much better when you live in the moment. I always struggled with taking certain things for granted and this past year has taught me to stop and smell the roses and enjoy every second I get on this earth.