Inspired by the sound of  Gryffin, Odesza, Big Wild, and Uppermost, US artist Faraday crafted a chilled electronica escape from the everyday hassle and routine.

“Haven” is a dancefloor-friendly tune with an organic flavour. The Seattle-based producer and DJ skillfully layered different textures and harmonies, to make sure the track is saturated with good vibes! Here is what he shares on the new release:

Haven is a song that is very near to me as it took about 2 years to fully craft this and present it to the world. I was originally inspired by an episode (also named Haven) of the TV show Futureman to write a song that embodied the vibes of a magical oasis. Haven originally sounded much different, with a darker bassline and more of an R&B/Lo-fi vibe. Over time it gradually built into the Odesza-esque magical tune that I hope replenishes your soul as you listen.

Ready for a trip to the ‘oasis of eternal summer’ ?