What happens when you blend Beau Diako’s soul-touching guitar with silky vocals similar to Jhené Aiko? A match made in heaven, crafted by 22-years old Australian singer and producer Kirra Lily AKA Uhkirra.

Her new single “Hard Hearted” is a beautiful mix of neo-classical, alternative electronica & contemporary r&b beats. Kirra grew up playing the violin and is heavily influenced by her passion for orchestral music through detailed strings arrangements, often mergedd with other contemporary & neo-classical genres. While the compositions she creates should be contextualized with those influences in mind, I absolutely love how she manages to inject a rather modern and raw twist in the beats with this trap-fused elements.

“I wrote Hard Hearted at a point where I was coming to terms with my religious trauma growing up as a child/ adolescent, & how this has manifested through my relationships as a young adult. Growing up in a cult community, I was surrounded by a culture of conformation, entitlement & righteous measures. The alienation I experienced has unknowingly shaped who I am & who I tend to surround myself with. At thirteen, I was told who I SHOULD be, how to dress, what to do & that every decision of my life has already been made. Not long ago, I came to realise that although there are things I cannot control, there are definitely things that I CAN control, such as being around people who care & love me for who I am. I cannot continue to let myself be dictated & demanded by righteous performances by those with egomaniacal God complexes. “, shares the Australian artist.

Reading this really struck me. A lot of artists have their pure and honest stories, but this feels on a whole new level and me (as a reader and curator) appreciated being let in her intimate world. I think this all reflects on her songwriting and it’s what makes it honest, raw and unique.