This is exactly what I needed for a smooth start to the week.

My latest eardrug comes from Ann Weberg, the Norwegian singer from “Fell In Love“, who here delivers the silkiest first verse I’ve ever heard.

“Handle It” will seduce you with her angelic voice, warm keys, and mellow groove. With the help of Isabelle Eberdean’s flow, this turns into the best fusion of soul, r&b, and hip hop. Ann tells the story behind the track:

I started to work on the song with Tadzio Heibert back in 2020. We both were living in Oslo and started to have weekly sessions since we both had very similar references. At first, we didn’t know what to do with the idea, but we kept coming back to it because we felt like it could become something special. I wrote the melody and lyrics while we produced the song, and later asked my friend Isabelle Eberdean to be on the second verse as I felt like having her talent and a second perspective on the topline would elevate the song. The song is about having a person in your life that switches a lot in the way they interact with you. It’s about instability, inner conflicts, and how we cope with them.