JazzyCal invites us to surrender our senses to the beauty of a Japanese cherry garden with his latest tune.

The Asian-inspired lofi bliss is dedicated to the Japanese tradition of enjoying the cherry blossoms (Sakura, 桜), known as “Hanami” (花見). Combining lofi beatworks with enchanting and deeply moving melodicism, the track offers a mesmerizing experience of great elegance and absolute tranquillity.

The track is part of DQBT Records’ new compilation Sakura Season, celebrating the Japanese tradition. Artists from the DQBT community were challenged to capture the feelings, moods and emotions they most connected to the colourful and brightly blossoming spring season. The result is a 23-track compilation that encapsulates a variety of different interpretations of the same inspiration, by some of the most talented lofi artists from all across the world. Explore it below: