The futuristic experimentalness of Shlohmo, melted with the underwater-y feel of XXYYXX and sprinkled with a scent of 80s synth-pop. To call this next track superb wouldn’t do it justice.

Meet Bulgarian ambient/drone/experimental producer EVITCELES and his latest work titled “Half Dream”. The very first time I heard the album I felt this beautiful, but overwhealming feeling. It’s like floating underwater, but being able to breathe. Like the first few times you dive after a whole year has passed since you last did it… at least this happens to me. Both familiar, and still very new / scary. I’ve been looping this for hours just daydreaming about stuff and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it as much as I did.

The track is part of his full-length Naive Slumber which comes out on June 14 (tape & digital) via our mates at Amek Collective. For this release, Evitceles reached deep into his well of emotional ambient and carefully picked nearly 60 minutes of music. Mostly melancholic, borderline uplifting, and always deeply contemplative, the album unfolds and blooms into vivid visions of vast rainy gardens, secluded urban passages and abandoned seaside resorts. Naive Slumber is structured by warm, swirling synth loops, floating melodies, subtle pads, and hidden audio artifacts. Its tight and focused production turns the album into a gripping musical experience, which reveals its deepest secrets only with the listener put into full submission.

Besides the wonderful track, the team released a video to further enhance the sonic experience. Major props to Niels Geybels for the artwork, Marius Costache for the mastering, and this transcendental visual created by Svetlin Stoyanov (Iniakick).