Something I really appreciate about Bonsai Collective is their knack for continuously releasing forward-thinking music, and their latest gem “HAGRABAD” heavily smears the lines of genre as future beats meet the sounds of the Middle-East.

“Since FL Studio is limited to 125 tracks and we had a lot more material than that, we had to stack and layer different tracks that sounded good together in the same rack mixer, which took a lot of time.”

The above quote is from producers Aboueb and Klemsis about the creation of “HAGRABAD”, and for anyone who produces I’m sure you had to pick your jaw up from the floor after reading that. The track is layered with an array of textures over hard hittting Hip hop drums to create one hell of a colorful listening experience. It was predominantly the ethnic instrumentation such as the plucks and the chromatic percussion which stood out for me personally, especially when the drums fall silent and we’re welcomed to a passage of music imbued in dreamy tones.