Monday needs a powerful kick-up, and this week it comes in the form of this future bounce H.E.R. edit crafted by French producer Remi Oz.

I absolutely love her (no pun intended) music, but damn – Remi adds that extra fire layer. It reminds me of daju’s edit from a few years back. The upload, besides being available for free download, comes with an awesome story and a lesson.

In January 2019, I made this edit of H.E.R (MY TOP 3 FAV BOUNCE EDIT) and couldn’t release it on SoundCloud (bots are powerful when it comes to sampling major’s songs). I remember sending a DM to the talented KMB to ask him how he did to release his edit of H.E.R […] I was thinking about it every fucking day. 2 years later, this evening by extending the intro and adding old radio and reverb effects that I learned to do a few months ago, I succeeded to upload my edit on Soundcloud! 🏆

Never give up. Now blast this one loudly and have a great fucking Monday.