Happy Friday everyone! I am stoked to share with you that Leo Motta returns with a second project, released by our label. The focus track Gratitude ft. Epifania is a blend of smooth lo-fi hip-hop with some mellow guitars and nature soundscape pads which will make your day more zen. It will force you to close your eyes and get lost in the rhythm and its melodicism.

This time, the Brazillian producer slightly changes his musical concept and entirely focuses on using a guitar, which was his first love when he started playing, and brings a nostalgic flavor to the sound.

“‘Gratitude’ is about thankfulness for the moments shared with special people, and about showing appreciation for music, work, and life. This track sounds like the end of a cycle that opens up broad horizons towards future endeavors, bringing hope and clarity.”


“The theme of the album, Gratitude, is my way of thanking God and music for guiding my life, and introducing me to so many places and so many amazing people, such as the artists Epifania, Maiscelinho and Wernoir, all thanks to music.”

Leo Motta

The rest of the tracks from the EP features collaborations with Wernoir & Maiscelinho. Stream the full EP here.