Hearing the first synths, I was sure this was Kaytranada & Kali Uchis’s “10%“. But what followed was nothing short of grooviness.

US producer BB Mike teamed with Rozie Baker for this pure gorgeousness, a feel-good blend of future beats, house, and soul, with super captivating percussion and vocal samples. Mike explains it best:

I made the beat for ‘Goner’ at the start of 2021. After enduring a hard year in many ways (pandemic, breakup, unemployed), I was hoping to take ‘Goner’ to a place that could express a lot of the feelings I felt in 2020. My good friend Rozie Baker had also recently gone through a hard breakup, and she was interested in singing over my music. So I sent the beat for ‘Goner’ over to her with one lyric: “You always wandered too close to the edge no hands on me.” And the rest lead to my favorite composition to date. We would meet at my studio in Hollywood. First, we would have writing sessions focused on our experiences in toxic relationships, then we would come up with melodies together and record. Her amazing voice brought the song to life! I was very inspired by Kaytranada this year and hoped to create a song in his vibe and style.

Hope this slow-dance gem brings a sense of easiness to your day.