Once again, Walsall singer-songwriter doesn’t disappoint with yet another brilliant single.

“Gone” is a mesmerizing neo-soul piece, built on jazzhop drums and gentle noir-sounding piano textures. Jorja’s vocal performance feels rich and lush, while also revealing a touching lyrical concept, leaving the listener wistful and emotionally moved. The track deals with the feelings of confusion and deliberation after an important person goes missing from one’s life.

“There’s something about being able to write about one thing and for it to mean so many different things to others. I love that this song, well any of my songs really, will be interpreted in different ways, depending on the experiences of the people listening. This one is just me asking why people have to be taken from us.”

The track carries a certain touch of that classic “old-school” Jorja style. However, the song doesn’t really look back to the past (despite some similarities with the style of Project 11 for example), but rather hints towards the future: “Gone” will be part of the upcoming 8-piece release Be Right Back coming out May 14th. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we can’t wait to see and hear what she has in store for us!