I have to be honest – there have been times I’ve wondered “wtf happened to Yabou” in the past 2 years. A few weeks ago my inbox lid up with an email from the producer and singer who we interviewed in 2019 and it really made my day.

So! New Yabou after almost 3 years of silence. “Gone To Waters”, crafted by Dutch DJ and producer Dave Nunes, is quite the blend of genres and offers an array of emotions. Definitely a scent of playfulness, a scent of mellowness, and anything in between.

The track deals with a love/relationship which isn’t meant to succeed. It’s about accepting that it’s healthier to let go instead of lying to yourself and your partner to make it work somehow but also about breaking free/moving on in life. It should make people feel warm and positive after all. While dealing with a serious topic, the song feels very light, upbeat and colorful. It’s a strong follow up to my song No Bad Day”, shares Yabou.

The song is the first single of an upcoming project he’s preparing this year. Stay tuned for more!