D.K. has previously done mixes and tracks that have reflect spirituality, but “Going Into Trance” carries you away to a whole new celestial and meditative realm. 

In fact, the Paris-based producer and DJ has dedicated his entire new album, The Goddess Is Dancing to an ancient Vietnamese ritual called Hau Dong. In this divine practice, spirit mediums embody various goddesses through dance and sublime music. D.K.’s says the conceptual album is an ”imaginary interpretation” of the ritual. 

This exact ceremonial element can be heard in “Going Into Trance.” The track is peppered with percussion, chimes and flutes which build on each other as the piece progresses without ever sounding overwhelming. Gradually, the track gets richer in sound, mirroring the process of the ritual. The repetitive beats act as an enchanting potion and quickly enchant you in a mind trance of your own. 

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