Don’t you love it when you come across a group of virtuosos who make music that showcases their talent without being a show-off competition in technical prowess? I know you do, and this is why I’d recommend giving “Footprints” a taste!

Ezra Collective is a jazz-fusion band and personally, I think they are one of the most impressive drops in the giant ocean of talent that is the UK music scene. “Footprints” is one of their latest single releases and is absolute joy to any jazz-head out there! The band is a tight five-man army consisting of all traditional parts of the classical jazz formation – bass, drums, keys, sax and trumpet. Don’t let that fool you in, though!

With “Footprints”, you are in for a truly impressive journey that encapsulates more than a ton of music. Each instrument gets its own moment to shine, there is an amazing horns duet in the middle of the track, and there is a jaw-dropping keyboard outro that puts more than memorable cap to everything. Moreover, the track doesn’t feel prolonged or overblown in any sense. It doesn’t feel boring or self-imposing even for a second. It’s clearly a product of the effort of musicians who know what the most important thing is. That is, sharing emotion.

What makes Ezra Collective really special for me is the fact that they share emotion with so much style!