Evden Dimitrov AKA EVDN. took the world by storm. It warmed my heart every time someone said “I’ve no idea how to label this, but I love it” when we sent “ANCESTORS” and “WARRIOR“. After landing on Spotify’s All New Jazz and Fresh Finds: Jazz, it’s time to blend that experimental jazz force with some progressive electronica / IDM elements.

The jazz-trained bassist and producer is back with the third single from the upcoming album titled “FLIGHT”. Honestly, things are getting vigorous as hell. I remember when Evden sent me the album demos and that tune was the one I was initially truly obsessed with. It charges me with an insane amount of energy!

The vocal you’re hearing throughout the song are the flawless work of Tien Nguyen aka SAÍGO (@saigomusic) and as always Rado Kazasov (@radokazasov) adds his pulsation to turn “FLIGHT” into the magnificence it is.

Major shoutout to Robert Kreuzinger (@omarverygood) for the beautiful creative vision to further enhance the sonic experience. Mix by TromBobby and mastering by Hristo Rachev (Sound Ninja). What a team!

A reminder – TENSION/RELEASE LP is scheduled for the Fall of 2022 and will blow your mind.

Stream “FLIGHT” on all major platforms here.