Concept’s flow is like a profound conversation written in rhyme. St.Louis, MO artist has an enticing sound that is jazzy-infused hip-hop prose. 

His second studio album, Dive Deep is a realistic lyrical dive into self-expression and finding strength through music. Concept says the album is “a compilation of the emotions we as black people feel and observance of the things we face in this country. It’s meant to be an outcry, an uplift, a means to say what needs to be said and express the good and the bad we experience.”

On the opening track, “First” saxophone gently leads you into the atmospheric beat, garnered with polished keys. The steady and smooth sound keeps you listening along and tuned in to Concept’s skillful lyricism. 

“Are you picking what I’m putting in the crown, over my head the halo cannot be found, innocent is sin, building my self-worth. Bucket full of crabs, blackbird on the perch – If I wanna save y’all I gotta save myself first.”