Describing “fine” as ‘hate mail to 2020, love letter to myself‘, dobak reflects on the dark times in a surprisingly vibey way.

Lyrically dark and honest, the track actually carries a super chilled atmosphere due to the soulful instrumental and the US artist’s wonderful captivating vocals. 2021 saw him dropping quite a few tracks making up for 2020 and “fine” is one of them.

That’s a bad hand that I been dealed

I’m a sad man, but my bones steel

I’ve got woes now, but I’m still real

There’s no shows now, and that fucking sucks

2020 really done fucked me up

Wooh, I’m sure a lot of artists will recognise themselves in these pretty damn honest lines! Nevertheless, we buried 2020 but it left us a couple of nice things – some wonderful music to vibe to, just like this track!