quickly, quickly’s 2018 Over Skies is to this day one of my favourite collections of beats. For someone who is predominantly occupied with listening to new music, I have very few releases that actually feel timeless and that’s one of them. So much positive moments and experiences lives while listening to it… it almost feels like knowing Graham in person.

When I saw that he’s back with a new track my excitement went from 0 to 100 in a blink. Add the fact that he signed with one of my favorite labels – Ghostly and you’ve got my today reason to love music. Quickly, quickly who is a producer, songwriter, and vocalist definitely expanded his sound – the dude is just 20 and has so much great music already out. “Feel” feels like an expansion into a groovier, more soulful sound fused with jazz, r&b, and even psychedelic pop elements.

Curious what this partnership will birth, but I know we’re in for some good music in 2021.