Kadela’s “Far Away” was instant love. Few seconds within the track I felt the same way I felt when I discovered Bonobo for the first time. The richness and depth of his music are impeccable and the track is the perfect champion for downtempo music. Something that’s a rarity in my inbox these days.

Inspired by Cherub, CloZee, and Lapalux, the young up-and-coming US artist is something who has nothing, but a bright future ahead. The track is part of a 2-track EP you should definitely check out.

He shares,

While I don’t claim to make perfect music, that mindset of perfectionism naturally comes with shadows of disappointment — the disappointment in one’s own abilities when the inevitability of underperforming occurs. When I look back on the reasons I started creating art and music and look at my methods now, I realize that I want to shift back towards that playful spirit. This EP is a tribute to a younger version of the creative in me — the version that didn’t care as much about perfection as long as I could experiment with sounds.