“Fallin’” is the type of laid-back love song, which would sneak through the backdoor of your heart and cook some love potion in the kitchen…

Starting with a soul-melting guitar intro, seducing us into its jazzy hip hop vibe, the track would be especially appealing for those of you who are on a ‘Summer love story’ page.

The Berlin-based artist Imvnyel (pronounced Emmanuel) crafts empathetic poetry with lyrics and vocals that transport the listener into an acoustic theatre of love, passion, heartache, confidence and uncertainty. Concerning his latest track the Zambian born singer, rapper and songwriter shares:

This is a song about the struggle of dating and falling in love with someone in 2021. Everyone has a short attention span, it feels like everyone is unfaithful and falling in love now just seems like a surefire way of ending up with your heart broken. Despite all that, there are people you meet that still make you think that its worth it in the end.

So how would you like a sip of the potion?