Brazilian composer and sound designer Roberto Prado is a fresh new sound on Stereofox and his newest release “Fade Away” couldn’t be a better addition to my laid-back Saturday evening. It fosters a sense of freedom and tranquility in times when individual freedom is as ambiguous as ever and real tranquillity is rare. 

Here’s what the artist shares about his creative process:

“Fade Away” is a jazz hop/lofi track inspired in old times, before all this craziness started. Decided to turn into a fun experiment, creating all the drum set with samples recorded at home using card box, dinner table, salt, and bike parts as percussive instruments. Invited João Oliveira to record this beautiful guitar lines and solos.

Personally, I found Roberto’s words a good reminder about the importance of experimentation, musically and otherwise. Here’s to fostering curiosity and playing with the process of creation!