“Existence” is a radiant instrumental composition, which is much more than a jazz hop piece. The track is part of Redwood’s recently released debut album Red 2 Go.

US artist, who blends contemporary vibes of r&b, soul, hip hop, and jazz in a unique way, has crafted another mesmerizing sonic journey.  Combining elegant keys and atmospheric synths, the track is surely going to take you on a beautiful night walk, full of city lights.

The track is featuring another interesting US artist – Domo Branch, who is a drummer, rapper, producer and composer. He is behind the percussion in “Existence” and provides the firm ground, on which the other elements are situated. The development reaches its peak after the second minute, with a more intense collision of the elements. It feels like several quarks dancing around each other, in a free choreography, which is however extremely synchronized and balanced.  

After listening to this remarkable composition, you might want to have a listen to the whole album:

Existence ft. Domo Branch – REDWOOD 03:40
Justcuz – REDWOOD 04:01
Feel Alive ft. Jru – REDWOOD 04:57
Searching – REDWOOD 03:48
…(interlude) – REDWOOD 00:51
Work ft. Brandon Rose – REDWOOD 01:43
Go – REDWOOD 04:07
To Whom Much Is Given – REDWOOD 04:45