Fresh out of the oven, the latest track by the Dragonfruit has just arrived on the table and the good news is that it’s actually one piece of the whole meal – their new album.

Released by Super Sonic Records, Gears of the Giant Machine is a gorgeous body of modern r&b which might turn out to be the soundtrack of your Autumn.

The album is full of rich lo-fi textures and electronica that transcends beyond the norm. “Exhale” is no exception to this formula. The song is made to feel like a release, positive self-love energy. “Like a yoga class for your mind” as Phoebe puts it at the beginning of writing this tune. It’s about coming out of a bad situation, which can be anything really, and the uplifting feeling you get from escaping that kind of negativity. This goes hand in hand with putting yourself back in your own spotlight and finding your rhythm back.

 From the wonderful instrumental to lead singer Danique van der Vlugt’s glowing vocals, the track will definitely gonna give you a solid reason to dive into the whole album.