The UK is on a roll with smooth music today.

After brilliant additions to our feed from Natty Reeves, Madeleine, and James Alexander Bright, here comes one of my favourite singers from the Island.

Steven Bamidele delivers another slow-burner which also has a melancholic notch and a touching story behind it. He elaborates on the transformative period of his life when the song was written:

My dad has passed away, and we were in an unprecedented lockdown. Before then I was non-stop making music, trying to achieve something, to get somewhere, not wanting to just relax and take in where I was or what I had. Lockdown made me realize I have a good family, good relationship, am incredibly lucky to live the lifestyle I live, etc. Even though life is almost back at its regular pace, it was really important to learn to slow down – for me at least. In a nutshell, this song is about gratitude.

This is a follow-up single after his self-produced 2021 EP Uncrowded, released via Park The Van.