“Evermore tries to capture a hopeful relaxing vibe, as one trying to looking forward to the future and what it holds without any rush, just letting it flow and believing everything will be alright. New beginnings and endings on phases, cycles, beliefs and interpersonal relationships can be looked at as just another chapter in one’s life.“

With description like that and the skills of Brazilian beatmaker, we had no other choice but saying 120% yes to releasing this via our label.

Fun fact, but we actually lined up 3 Brazilian releases in a row since last week. A scene full of talents!

Back to Gabriel now. He started his musical journey 5 years ago. He has since then captivated listeners globally and landed placements on most of the biggest chillhop and lofi editorial playlists while acquiring 70+ million streams across major DSPs, which shows his big impact on those genres. His new EP we will release in-full in April is an introspective journey, carrying a feeling of tranquility and peace.

Today’s highlight “Evermore” provides the listener with an opportunity to take a moment to reflect and think back on past experiences in a tranquil space, in order to go forward and tackle new situations in life with a calm and collected mindset.

Hit the play button and space out.