Words cannot describe how much I love this song!

Thomas, man… if you read this – discovering “Erase Me” was a joyous moment for me last week. THE perfect balance between bass, chill, and electronica.

Dokkodo Sounds is someone Nasko introduced me to back in 2020 and I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with him online a few times. Dokkodo Sounds is the moniker of electronic producer, Thomas Trueman. The name derives from a book, The Dokkodo (The Way of Walking Alone), which was written by one of the greatest swordsmen in 1645 Japan, Miyamoto Musashi. He wrote the book in preparation for his own death, and it contains 21 precepts on how to best live your life. The project focuses on ambient soundscapes combined with hazy beats and nostalgic melodies.

“Erase Me” is taken from his new No Feeling Is Final EP which dropped on April 14th. From start to end, the release feels like a journey filled with musical nuances and delicate gestures. It sounds organic yet contemporary, spontaneous but rich, simple but sophisticated at the same time.

What got me besides the slightly off/broken downtempo feel of “Erase Me” were the vocals. Anyone that knows me well is aware of the fact that I’m a complete sucker for chopped and modulated vocals in electronic tracks.