The Dutch band Monokino followed up on their latest release and accompanied it with an intriguing and captivating music video. 

The visuals display cuts that refer to Asian culture and the track’s narrative. As the press release notes: ‘’The song was written when George was doubting his ability to stay in China and wavering about whether he should return home or not. Sadly, since the pandemic began this decision has been taken out of his hands, keeping him rooted in Amsterdam. This greatly produced track reflects the strong connection with China of this talented artist, delivering a sound full of mystery and groove, perfectly blended with Monokino’s impressive melodic progression skills’’. 

The music video for ‘No Return’ is filled with symbolism and easter eggs that reflect on Monokino’s heritage. The outstanding video was shot in Nanjing, China by the artist  Defineme who channeled the vibe and story standing behind the track. 

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