I reckon we’re yet to see a huge amount of posthumous MF DOOM releases following his departure of this world last year. the Masked Villain was not only creative, but seemed productive af, so there’s tons of greatness sitting around just waiting to be released, just like the new Your Old Droog collab “Dropout Boogie” released via Nature Sounds earlier this week.

The whole track is drenched in an awesome old-school-ness and follows them swapping verses around the fact that education just isn’t for everyone and it’s not one-size-fits-all recipe for success. I love the groovy surprise that kicks in at 1:51. A true 70s funk homage, so now is the time to tip my hat to Edan who produced this beauty.

I deadass started listening to classical music, and then I heard DOOM,” shares Your Old Droog. “For him to end up appreciating what I do 10 years later shows the power of never giving up on your passion, staying the course, believing in yourself, and having a vision. School is not for everybody. You know, it has its extracurricular pluses but overall, it wasn’t for me. I don’t work well fitting into boxes. I dropped out of high school, and community college, twice! This is certainly an anthem of sorts.