Something for those of you who just like me can’t help indulging in a big bowl of jazz/soul-inspired vibes!

This track is what you’ve been waiting for! Gorgeous instrumentation, uplifting melodicism and a lot of groove: we’re certainly gonna be “Driving Into Magic Hour” while listening to this sonic beauty!

This is the first single from the freshly-formed Korean band Soul delivery, here is what they shared regarding their work together and the song:

This song features the impression of beautiful light changes and fresh air during the magic hour. It contains our hope to go past the dark times we’ve been enduring for a couple years and welcomes a bright future like the rising sun after a long winter.

In these difficult times, with very tight schedules, we’ve been jamming underground in a small studio with the heat from the equipment, completely concentrated in listening to each other. After the intense hours, we need to go outside and intake some fresh air and rest our brains and ears with a good drive. The air we breathed, food we ate, skies we’ve seen, conversations we had, all those moments became the sheer inspiration for our track.

The name of the band ‘Soul delivery’ derives from our hope to share these moments and feelings with our listeners, as if they get delivered a warm delicious soul after a long exhausting day.

Well, that’s one wonderful beginning, I’d say, and I hope to hear more from the band in 2022.