Glitcy electronica that reminds me of Kllo and Tourist? Any day of the week.

Finding the music of British producer Sound of Fractures was not Dream. Self-described as “emotional electronica”, the artist aims to evoke the deepest emotions in people and while most of his tracks are quite upbeat, there’s this feeling of lonesome nostalgia in it. It’s the kind of tracks I would listen to while running alone or something like that.

What I truly believe Jamie excels at is the way he programs his drums. When it comes to “Dream”, they perfectly juxtapose the dark nostalgia stemming from the glitchy electronic ambiance in the backgrounds and the chopped vocals. You end up whirling between ups and downs, which is an absolutely beautiful in my book.

Jamie draws inspiration from artists that need no introduction – Jamie XX, Four Tet, MJ Cole, and Model Man. A frequent names in our selection here at the Fox.

“Dream” is the second single from his highly anticipated EP IRL, dropping later this July.