Philly-based producer Kilamanzego (pronounced Kil-a-mans-ego) has been lauded by NPR and Bandcamp Daily for erasing the lines between genres, and forging a sound connected to her Ghanaian roots that is as bold as her. “Does It Matter If You Do?” is a shining example of that sentiment as its glossy synths seize your attention ever so seamlessly.

Initially, the drums are quite reminiscent of some of our favorite Trap anthems, however the soundscapes and melodic arrangements are emblazoned with Kilamanzego’s signature ‘arpestry’ that eventually expands into an immersive whirlwind of woozy pads, razor-sharp plucks, and leads bright enough to illuminate your path to elation – because that’s exactly what this listening experience feels like during the climax.

Thematically speaking the track takes a different turn. We’re welcomed to a bleak and promising look at existence as she essentially questions whether or not anything/anyone is worth fighting for. “Does It Matter If You Do?” was created during a dark time in the artist’s life and serves as a sonic snapshot of what she was going through, something I’m sure many of us can relate to.

Kilamanzego is the first female producer Stereofox Records has released with, and if you’re into the sounds of Flume or even Mr. Carmack you’re in for quite a sweet treat.