Today would have marked Elliott Smith’s 50th birthday. To celebrate, UMe has reissued his two major label classics, XO and Figure 8, as newly expanded digital deluxe editions. Stream both collections below via Spotify and Apple Music.

Each release features a handful of tracks never before available online. XO comes with the UK B-sides “Our Thing”, “How to Take a Fall”, “The Enemy Is You”, and an alternate version of “Some Song” recorded with a full band. There’s also an early take on “Botte Up and Explode!”, a “Baby Britain” remix, and a radio edit of “Waltz #2”. Though previously streamable elsewhere, a “Waltz #1” demo and the classic “Miss Misery” are also included.

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Figure 8, meanwhile, features the titular School House Rock cover, previously only available as a B-side to the UK single “Son of Sam”. An acoustic version of that single plus Smith’s cover of The Beatles’ “Because” from American Beauty, both of which have been online before, are also part of the collection. As for completely new-to-digital material, there’s “A Living Will” and the rare French promo 3 Titres Inedits: “I Can’t Answer You Anymore”, “Pretty Mary K (Alternate Version)”, and “Happiness (Acoustic)”.

Stream both deluxe editions of Elliott Smith’s XO and Figure 8 below.

XO Deluxe Edition Tracklist:
01. Sweet Adeline
02. Tomorrow Tomorrow
03. Waltz #2 (XO)
04. Baby Britain
05. Pitseleh
06. Independence Day
07. Bled White
08. Waltz #1
09. Amity
10. Oh Well, OK
11. Bottle Up And Explode!
12. A Question Mark
13. Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands
14. I Didn’t Understand

15. Our Thing *
16. How To Take A Fall *
17. The Enemy Is You *
18. Some Song (Alternate Version) *
19. Waltz #1 (Demo)
20. Bottle Up And Explode (Early Version) *
21. Baby Britain (Remix) *
22. Waltz #2 (Radio Edit)*
23. Miss Misery

* = digital debut

Figure 8 Deluxe Edition Tracklist:
01. Son Of Sam
02. Somebody That I Used To Know
03. Junk Bond Trader
04. Everything Reminds Me Of Her
05. Everything Means Nothing To Me
06. L.A.
07. In The Lost And Found (Honky Bach)/The Roost
08. Stupidity Tries
09. Easy Way Out
10. Wouldn’t Mama Be Proud
11. Colorbars
12. Happiness/The Gondola Bar
13. Pretty Mary Kay
14. Better Be Quiet Bar
15. Can’t Make A Sound
16. Bye

17. Figure 8 *
18. A Living Will *
19. Son Of Sam (Acoustic)
20. I Can’t Answer You Anymore *
21. Pretty Mary K (Alternate Version) *
22. Happiness (Acoustic) *
23. Because

* = digital debut