Waking up on Fridays and not knowing what surprise you’ll get is one of the best things ever. And a damn good reason to be up at 6AM.

The world woke up to the dopest thing possible – Knxwledge adding his flare to Khruangbin. I mean, come on – how is this real? The psychedelic Khruangbin dropped two new videos for their Mordechai (2020) track “Dearest Alfred” and one of them is for the new Knxwledge revision of the original.

The prominent producer shares,

I love doing remixes so I approached it like everything else. I try to smooth it out while making it as hard-hitting as possible. I’m just a fan (of Khruangbin) like everyone else. They are so unique; the sound they have just resonates with the sounds I grew up loving and most influenced by. Beautiful progressions with perfect minimal, yet so powerful, lyrics. What more can you ask for?

KhruangBin Dearest Alfred (MyJoy)
Dearest Alfred (MyJoy) – KhruangBin 03:15