Tribal electronica at its finest and while Bottler’s “Day Sleeper Peace Keeper” was released in 2020 it’s never too late to fix my mistake and share it with you today. Actually, the tune has way too few plays given how beautiful the progression is. Also, I love the title.

To start with, I was mesmerized from the get go. I knew I would feature the song as soon as the echoing distant vocals entered the mix. Pairing them with the powerful 4/4 kicks and spacious synth gave me goosebumps. The wave literally channeled through my body and it’s the feel I always chase when it comes to this kind of electronica.

Pat and Phil’s parents are best friends and they grew up side by side, developing their deep love for music together; sharing discoveries and inspirations, learning to play and perform, and nurturing their creativity together. Now formally ordained as Bottler, they’ve channeled their tastes into a sound that encapsulates the love and trust that forms the foundation of the friendship. The fact that they know each other so well can be picked up by how soothing and elaborate their music sounds. The duo blend a myriad styles to create songs that emanate warmth, joy, sorrow, pain and the full spectrum of human emotion. It’s electronic music inspired by a broad range of artists, all connected by their liberated approach to production. Bold, unpretentious, raw, dynamic and highly creative, Bottler are a formidable duo poised to ignite the dance floor with their kaleidoscopic collection of sounds.

The tune crafted by the New York-based duo out on Paris-Berlin label InFiné who are a constant source of great music. I will definitely keep an eye on these guys!