The Ukrainian artist is on a roll with a new English wonder titled “Just Fly.”

Max Barskih makes another essential outing with the new single “Just Fly.” He has received wild acclaim for his singles “BESTSELLER” and “7,” both released in 2020. Now he is back with what could be his most significant release to date. “Just Fly” is a classically informed tune with jacking 50s tunes and warm, rich basslines. An old-school male vocal brings a touch of edginess while twitchy synths and smooth chords are sure to get hands in the air. He brought all the fearlessness and soul in staunchly underground sounds that have made the track a deep and dynamic sound.

Synth strings produce a touch of soul and serenity, bright pads layer in human emotions and sounds that brim with vitality. He draws on a classical and jazz understanding to cook up new music.

The song fogs up the air with glamorous soundscapes and a true insight into the Ukrainian artist’s studious lyrics and vocals.

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