Fast-paced percussion, combined with heartfelt strings, some xylophone magic and touching vocals, build up a sonic panorama, which triggers raw and deep emotion.

Rife with emotional openness, “Crazy That You Love” explores the volatility of romantic relationships. The starkness of the opening chimes rings as they vibrate through the strings and low oboes that replace them, shuddering with the rawness of the track. Grown out of voice notes and endless chord sequences and melodies exchanged between vocalist Danielle Kranendonk and keys player Nicholas Johnson, producer Stephen Raynes (AKA Touchy Subject) brings a cinematic flair to the finished piece. The hypnotic echo of the lyrics is reinforced with raw percussion, drums, and synth stabs; “the instrumentation comes together, and you are suddenly not thinking about the music anymore” Raynes muses, “It’s placed you in your own thoughts”.

“Crazy That You Love” is the first single taken from Aurora Dee Raynes’ debut album Invisible Things (out 26th November via Tru Thoughts).