2 of my favourite names from early Stereofox days working together. Today is a bliss.

As a follow-up to our IAMNOBODI’s “Let It Roll” release from a few weeks ago, the producer who recently became a dad is back with a new single featuring the one and only Emmavie (who we interviewed back in 2017). I’ve had the pleasure of seeing both of them live and I can tell you – the art is superb.

“Copy & Paste Interlude” is silky, acoustic-driven and an awesome homage to 90’s soul and r&b music. This should end up on your sexy time playlist in no time.

Honestly, I’ve no idea what Dede is cooking up, but I am sure we’re in for a great ride that’s going to end up in one of 2021’s best records in a few months. The only hint so far is this shared on one of his latest Instagram posts.

we lowkey got an album ready, almost…

Yessir. Beyond excited.