Rising New York artist and singer-songwriter cool girl island is out with a stunning release that is set to conquer the hearts of many. “do not disturb” (airplane mode) is a song that on the surface seems fun and cheerful but it reaches deep within and brings out a profound truth, which is to learn and enjoy one’s own company rather than seek out outside validation. The society being tied up in instant gratification, it is imperative that we look inside and start accepting ourselves as we are.

cool girl island is a singer-songwriter born in suburban California and raised in Taipei before living many years in London and finally relocating to Brooklyn, New York where she currently resides.  Inspired by the music of the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Miles Davis, she strives to make her art as authentic as possible, and so far, cool girl island has remained true to herself!