Here is an outstanding project to blow your mind!

For some time, I’ve been diving into the topic of AI-generated art and so far I’ve discovered some great stuff in both the visual and musical sectors. This project here unites both, to deliver a stunning work of art that will leave you completely mesmerized!

“Coherence” is an IDM-inspired track that fans of Lorn will certainly love. The hypnotizing synth works and driving percussion are complemented by gentle airy vocal textures to make you feel like you’re floating, or rather flying above the city the track is about.

Watch the video below to see how the multi-disciplinary creative collective Sagans employed the use of artificial intelligence technology to create a stunning, otherworldly Blade Runner-esque music video metaverse for their single. They explain:

“Coherence” is about a city that is constantly changing and evolving. The video shows how the city changes over time, and how the character gets lost and adapts to the changes. The video is a mix of different styles using the latest AI algorithms, some latent diffusions but also using a neural-style transfer algorithm, similar to the algorithm used to create the ‘DeepDream’ images.