The follow-up to our label release with Devon Rea and Epifania “Yearning” is here. Nothing beats a Sunday ambient-inspired lofi to help you space out.

I’m slowly gearing up to tone things down and get ready for a rather stay-in creative winter, so this 5-track EP titled Swimming is definitely going to be one of those cozy, feel-good soundtracks I’ll listen to on my weekends.

This EP was designed to give a melancholy, laid-back vibe for the summer evenings. Epifania and I spent a lot of the summer building a large body of songs that we are happy to begin presenting!”, shared Devon.

I love how the 2 producers, one located in Brazil and the other in the US, have never met, yet managed to build such a cohesive and calming sound.

The tracks from this EP were all made with a feeling of finding experiences and sounds that soothe you and make you look forward to the future in a calmer state. A feeling of nostalgia for the times past, while knowing that life goes on and we move onto new things.”, adds Epifania.

Stream the full Swimming EP on all platforms here.